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I miss you so bad that knowing that you don’t miss me kills me.

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New cheeky collaboration with Azealia Banks x Jam Sutton x Me 1/5

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“This is Halloween”

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I really have no problem with being all work and no play. I mean honestly who do I have to be all play with anymore. I’ve decided I don’t want to talk to anyone save for maybe 3 people. (not including all the people I talk to because of work!) honestly really don’t mind this new stop on the path of my life. Who knew I would end what I thought was the best thing to ever happen to me, and then literally gain the best thing to actually happen to me?

I also would like to add that I learned that I am too passionate to just have one good thing going for me, and when I dove become so overpoweringly passionate about it, that it possessesy every thought! At least with work it can only cause me to look dedicated instead of desperately, territorially, demanding, persistent, changer that I have been seen as.

"I can’t change even if I tried, even if I wanted to."

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The best kind of relationship is the kind where you two just cant not be touching or near each other. There’s no real boundary between their body and yours, you just need them close as much as you need your body attached. 

This is still so perfect

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